Wednesday, 11 January 2017

ONE Thing That Will Save Almost ALL Homeowners Money pt.2

Cavity Wall Insulation is saving home owners hundreds...

Welcome to Part 2 of the saving money in your home. If you haven't read Part One, take a look.

Cavity wall is a little more complicated than loft insulation. You WILL need a professional. You WILL need to spend a little bit more money. But the benefits are still there and the payback is just as good.

A statistic for you; On average, in the UK 35% of heat loss happens through external cavity walls. That's quite a bit of heat just heating the air outside your house. 
Put into real terms, this means for every £3 you spend heating your house around £1 of it is lost.

How do I know if its for me?

If your house is built after 1990 then you don't need to worry, your walls are most likely already insulated.
Also, if you have solid walls then you can't have cavity wall insulation (because there's no cavity).
How can you tell?
Well if you wall is thicker than 260mm, then in all likely hood you have a cavity. Another way to tell is with your brickwork pattern, 
If your brickwork has a brick on end pattern (see left) then it's probably solid.

What's the Price?

The bigger your house, the more insulation you need and the more expensive it is. 
The more you will SAVE when you have it installed. Here's a very rough guide to the Cost and Payback

Where to find Reputable Installers

As with any building work, it's best to get a qualified professional. The first thing they will do, is drill a small hole in your wall and insert a camera. They will look in your cavity and make sure it's suitable. Then give you a quote for the work needed done.

Now there are "DIY insulation kits" out there, DO NOT USE THESE. Always get a professional. Look at the links below to find one near you.
These sites will help or ring us to find out
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If you have any questions feels free to comment below 

Written by Edward Parlato

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