Thursday, 11 May 2017

Why you should become a Nest Pro

Why should you become a Nest Pro?

Unless you’ve had your head under a rock you’ve probably heard of the Nest range of products. For those of you of you that don’t know - Nest is the leading name in “smart” thermostats, miles ahead of anything else in the market.

It learns your habits itself - that means no time wasted programming. It will “learn” when you come in and when you leave, the temperature you like the house and set the heating to come on and off accordingly. As an installer you can become a  “ Nest Pro”

Why should I bother doing this? Well I’m glad you asked.

Think about the up sell

When you are a Nest pro Installer you will appear on the Nest website so that people can find you, call you, and have you install a Nest thermostat in their house. Once you’re in someone’s house it’s a lot easier to pick up extra work. You can turn a small job into a really nice earner. Just think of all the recommendations that could go with it.

Another string to your bow

The way things are, these Nest appliances are only going to get more popular, so when you’re a Nest pro and you start offering it to all your clients, even the ones that don’t take it remember you being the one to suggest it.

Discounts on personal units

Imagine saving £70 on a thermostat, and you get to make more money yourself. Well that’s how it works. Once you’re a Nest pro, Personal use units are available at heavily discounted prices direct from Nest. This includes Nest Thermostat, Nest indoor camera, Nest outdoor camera and Nest Protect home camera. So you get to sleep a little easier and at a great discount.

It’s Cheap and easy

When you’re a plumber you pay for certification, tests and training that you need to pass before you’re qualified. On the other hand becoming a Nest Pro costs you nothing just a small amount of training and yo're ready to sell and fit.

It’s a no brainer really, becoming a Nest pro helps you stand out from the crowd and you can offer your services all year round. For more details and to sign up follow the link below.

Written by Edward Parlato

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