Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Angry? Frustrated? How to deal with planning refusal

What now? 

What to do after your planning is rejected.

It can feel like all your hard work and plans have come crashing down. It feels like everyone is against you and it’s just not fair.

Planning permission rejection is tough; what can you do about it?


Are  there any specific issues with the application that can be solved. These problems can be simple or complex but it is worth looking at the design to see if it can be solved. You should then show this to your planning case officer and see if he thinks a re-submission is worthwhile.


If you think your case has been misjudged or you believe it was unfairly turned down you can appeal the case to have it looked at in more detail.

Good news?

You won’t need to fork out anymore money for a re submission or an appeal, both of these are completely free.

Bad news?

An appeal is very much last chance saloon; if you go down this route you want to make sure you win. In this case it’s a good idea to hire a professional planning consultant to give you the best possible chance. This however will cost money.

Your planning application being rejected isn’t the end of the world. Sometimes things can be fixed, and when it’s your dream extension or dream home you should try everything possible to make this happen.

Written by Edward Parlato
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