Monday, 20 February 2017

If you buy insulation you could missing out on these free rewards!

Knauf insulation have decided to reward people for buying their insulation

This year Knauf have attached an amazing incentive program onto their OmniFit products. 
Everything from Playstation 4s to weekend trips to Paris you can claim with your OmniFit reward points.

So how does it work?

For every pack of OmniFit you purchase you earn points, starting at Bronze tier earning 4 points a pack. After 250 packs you move up to Silver tier earning 5 points a pack. Then you only need 200 more packs to move up to Gold tier earning 6 points per pack. 
So when you buy any OmniFit product (Omnifit roll or Omnifit slab) all you need to do is take a picture of your invoice and upload it to rewards page on Then when it's been approved you'll be able to check on your points and decide what you want to cash in for, whether it be an Amazon fire stick, or a TRIP TO SPACE (no seriously). 


We've made it even easier, we've cut prices right down on these products!
Register for the scheme
Send pictures of your omnifit invoices
Claim your reward!
To learn more about how you can register to be part of this amazing reward scheme;
Call us on 01332 292911

Written by Edward Parlato

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