Thursday, 26 January 2017

5 things to keep your house a home

Products to save during building work in your house

You might already have seen our article on dealing with building mess. We are now going to  look at a few products that will save you a headache. (And a bad cough)

Whether you're painting or having a wall knocked down these could just be the answer.

1. Carpet Protector

Does exactly what it says on the tin (so to speak, it doesn't come in a tin). It's sticky on one side, but not on the other. This means you can lay it without getting wrapped up. It looks a bit like cling film. It gets touch tight to the walls. You can use it for something small like painting a wall. Or BIG, like re-plastering a wall.

2. Dust Sheets

Another one with multiple uses you can re use over and over. These sheets will cover your furniture, your work tops anything and everything. It's a twill material sheet not plastic so it wont stick if you don't want it to.
Doing something on the stairs? Look no further, These dust sheets come in sizes specially made to cover stairs.

3. Tarpaulin

If its gonna get wet, this is what you want. A blue tarp set up in the right way can protect any number of things. Perfect if you end up with a hole in the roof. It's also great for protecting things outside like a log store.

4.A White Matte Paint

If you're going to be re-plastering or damaging walls, white matte is a must. A decent undercoat means you can paint whatever you want over the top, or wallpaper but its never a bad thing to have some in the house, just in case.

5. Blue Roll

Absolutely essential for anything messy. More durable and less likely to flake apart than things like toilet roll and kitchen roll. Perfect for a splash of paint just where you don't want it.

What other products would you recommend?
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Written by Edward Parlato

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