Thursday, 2 November 2017

Introducing Ram board - new in at Browns

The best tradesmen use it, why don't you?

This isn't run of the mill plastic sheeting. This isn't old dust sheets covered in paint. This isn't a standard floor protection. This is for the professionals.

Say no to skip diving!

If you are sick of having to clean up and constantly replace your floor protection, this is for you. What kind of worker are you? When you need cardboard to protect a floor do you:

a) Rifle through a skip until you come up with a piece you might be able to use. Try not to worry about the smell. (please don't be this)

b) Go into the back of your van for reusable protection that you know is going to lay fast and flat without assistance. No smell to worry about here. (Be this)

What's so good?

Flex- Fiber Technology - Ramboard will flex to your surface cutting down on awkward cuts
Spill Guard Technology - Liquids won't soak through or absorb into the Ramboard so you just wipe up spills with a cloth. No risk of staining the floor through the board.
Made from 100% recycled material
Reusable time and time again
Great investment - Spending money on professional standard floor protection will reduce damages and costly mishaps

Ram Board is the #1 choice for contractors worldwide. And when you use it, you'll see why.

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