Wednesday, 23 November 2016

STOP. Don't perform a loft conversion without reading this!

You need to be using mulitfoil

And it needs to be SuperQuilt
Tried and tested to all the latest industry standards SuperQuilt from YBS Insulation is the highest performing Multifoil in the market place. It provides multiple benefits including an excellent thermal performance

Money saving

Every time you buy a roll it is saving you money on the overall cost of the job you are doing, it really is that simple. The more rolls you buy the more money you're saving. When used correctly SuperQuilt will pass any inspection, and even when used alongside a PIR insulation board OR any cavity insulation slab you will still be saving money. 

Time saving

SuperQuilt is as simple as you get, you can install a roll using a staple gun, going along your battens and simply stapling the roll directly to the battens. No sawing, no measuring just roll out and fix. 

Space saving

A unique solution to reducing construction depth. Specification require 100mm PIR but youve not got the space? Easy, use 25mm PIR along with SuperQuilt and you will reach the required thermal value in a fraction of the space. 

Myth Busting

If you've heard using a Multifoil product won't be passed by building inspectors this is FALSE! All you need to do is use Mulitfoil with 25mm PIR board. Even using this you'll still SAVE TIME and SAVE MONEY


With the current problems facing PIR board manufacturers, there has never been a better time to try out this amazing saving solution!

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Written by Edward Parlato

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